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Process Serving

Process serving is when legal documents that give notice of specific court actions are delivered to defendants or respondents. Process serving formally brings court orders, such as debt claims, judgments, enforcement and eviction notices, to the attention of the respondent. It also allows the respondent a certain amount of time from the date of service in order to respond to the notice. 

Phoenix investigations operatives will serve any legal document that requires personal service and proof of service to be binding. These include statutory demands for unpaid debts, witness summons, possession notices and orders, divorce and bankruptcy petitions, non-molestation orders and orders issued under the Children’s Act. 

Why instruct us to undertake your process serving on your behalf? 

People generally respond better to our investigators than having documents served on them by the claimants directly. Phoenix Investigations process servers are distanced from the case, and very experienced in dealing with difficult or reluctant people. As we are also private investigators, we can help you locate respondents who have seemingly disappeared in an attempt to avoid legal action or recourse. 

Some of the methods debtors use to evade authorities includes, changing jobs, moving house and in some cases changing their name. In cases such as this, our ex police and military investigators can use a number of effective investigation techniques to uncover their location for the process serving to take place. 

Whatever your process serving needs, contact us today to discuss your requirements free of change and work no commitment to see how we can help. If you contract us to work on your behalf we will attempt to serve your documents on three occasions in each case. This service is carried out on your behalf by experienced DBS checked and cleared investigators who on completion of service will issue you with a statement/certificate of service for your records. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help. 


25 Years Of Experience

Our company Director Richard spent 25 years working in an operational policing capacity in uniform and many specialist roles which include high risk missing person tracing and management whilst also conducting many investigations alongside these commitments.