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As we live in an ever evolving technological constantly connected world, surveillance technology is now easily accessible to the general public and as a result our privacy is rapidly becoming compromised. These devices can be installed within your mobile phones, onto furniture, electrical fittings, computer systems, and in fact anywhere you can think of and as a result can easily compromise your privacy and security whether in your home, vehicle or workplace.
Phoenix Investigators pride themselves on providing the best electronic bug sweep detection service possible and are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the results we provide. Once detected we will safely remove the devices to set our clients minds to rest and do so swiftly and discreetly. 

We can offer this service to corporate entities, individual clients, celebrities, high value individuals and visiting dignitaries who have reason to believe that they are being placed under surveillance and with the ever evolving modern technological advancements, devices used to track your movements and record your interactions with others can be almost undetectable and so bug sweeping technology can put your mind at ease as to the lack or presence or removal of such intrusive devices.
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25 Years Of Experience

Our company Director Richard spent 25 years working in an operational policing capacity in uniform and many specialist roles which include high risk missing person tracing and management whilst also conducting many investigations alongside these commitments.