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Computer & Phone Forensics

At Phoenix Investigations we can offer our clients retrieval,examination and analysis of data located and recovered from mobile phones using state of the art forensic data retrieval software. We can undertake these investigations on devices such as PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, computer memory cards and hard drives. 

We live in a world where mobile phone usage has increased dramatically and continues to do so at a drastic rate and with the convenience of easy communication, any time and anywhere, all data recorded in relation to our phone and computer usage is recorded and logged within the devices storage. It is often believed that this date once deleted or erased cannot be recovered and in fact in most cases with careful examination using the right tools most important data or evidence can be recovered. 

Mobile phone usage provides vital clues about people’s whereabouts, actions and intentions often delivers the need for mobile phone forensics in order to recover and to gather evidence whether it be for personal and marital proceedings or larger scale criminal investigations to prove or disprove a subjects involvement in a crime. 

At Phoenix Investigations we can recover the following Information from a mobile phone whether iOS or Android: contact lists, SMS messages, address books, call logs, and location information. 

Do you need of evidence or proof of someone’s mobile phone or computer activities? Do you need to know where someone has been; who they have been communicating with or which internet sites they have visited? Irrespective of where in the world your subject has been, or the efforts they have made to cover their tracks, personal phone and data forensics could provide the essential evidence you’ve been hoping for. 

How do we retrieve this data using phone and data forensics? 

When it comes to mobile phone and computer forensics it is of paramount importance to interpret the valuable data found on mobile devices and computers. Enabling the retrieval, analysis and forensic examination of data found on or recovered from the devices will allow you to: 

Recover a contact list used by your subject. Identify calls made and received from the device in question. View SMS and email messages sent and received. Access diaries and action lists. Determine internet sites frequented by the user. Examine images, video clips and audio recordings taken and made by the owner of the device. 

Retrieve (in most cases) user data that may appear deleted but may remain on the storage drive. 

Contact one of our experienced Private Investigators to talk you through how the forensic investigation of data works and give you the confidence to decide if this service is right for you. Call us today or use the contact form to get in touch for a free no obligation chat. 

25 Years Of Experience

Our company Director Richard spent 25 years working in an operational policing capacity in uniform and many specialist roles which include high risk missing person tracing and management whilst also conducting many investigations alongside these commitments.