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GPS vehicle tracking is a clever and very cost effective surveillance system used to monitor and record the journeys made and locations visited by one or more vehicles, providing indisputable evidence of movements that the subject vehicle has taken which can be invaluable in your matters whether they be of a corporate or matrimonial nature. GPS vehicle tracking is a reliable, discreet and highly effective investigation tool especially where investigators are in a situation where it is either too dangerous to follow a subject due to varying factors that can present themselves in a dynamic surveillance scenario. 

We would deploy GPS Trackers where we need to monitor the movements of one or more subjects and may not be able to keep constant observations on the vehicle due a number of operational factors. In addition GPS trackers provide fantastic indisputable visual proof of the subject and vehicles whereabouts for your matters. 

When installed we can monitor the GPS trackers for 24 hours a day for a number of days and can be installed quickly by our operatives and removed again when the investigation is complete. Once the data is downloaded it will provide detailed logs of the times, routes and locations the vehicle has visited making it an invaluable tool in our investigation arsenal and detailed reports of this can provided as evidence in your matter. 

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Phoenix Investigations operatives are specialists in counter-surveillance techniques which include bug sweeping and this technique allows us to detect any covert surveillance and eavesdropping devices that have been installed in order that we can neutralise them. The bug sweep will locate hidden cameras,GPS tracking units and audio recorders as well as GSM bugs and this can be an extremely advantageous service for large corporations who feel that they are subject to espionage from competitors attempting to eavesdrop into sensitive and strategic meetings. 

We use advanced up to date bug sweeping equipment to detect the presence of active and passive surveillance devices and audio equipment and to protect your privacy. We understand your concerns regarding privacy and the stress and anxiety that this can cause and so if you feel that you or your company have been compromised or victims of professional espionage then please get in touch as a matter of urgency as we are always available to discuss your requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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25 Years Of Experience

Our company Director Richard spent 25 years working in an operational policing capacity in uniform and many specialist roles which include high risk missing person tracing and management whilst also conducting many investigations alongside these commitments.