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Phoenix Investigations strive to provide our private & corporate clients with swift results for investigations in the South West of England from our Cornwall HQ. Whilst we are based in Cornwall we have Investigators throughout the UK and so can meet your needs wherever you may be located in the country.
We can help whether you are concerned about a spouse’s infidelity or you are concerned about your company’s assets or staff, our multi-talented team of investigators possess expertise in their respective fields in all private, corporate, commercial and legal investigations. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your investigation needs
so please feel free to contact us now for a no obligation discussion about your concerns to see how we can help.




Phoenix Investigations is the only Private Investigations company covering Cornwall & the rest of the UK and can operate in a broad range of private investigation cases on your behalf including:

  • Matrimonial and relationship investigations – Are you worried that a spouse or partner may be having an affair or leading a double life?
  • Corporate and commercial investigations– Do you believe that company fraud or theft might be the result of an employee?
  • Company background checks – Do you have suspicions about whom you are dealing with and want to find out who they really are?
  • Installation of the latest Electronic surveillance equipment with the latest technology and spyware.
  • Criminal Defence Services – Do you need evidential statements obtained that will stand up in a court of law in relation to criminal proceedings?
  • Process serving with national coverage – Do you need court papers or other documents to be served?
  • Vehicle Tracking – Do you need vehicle tracking services to trace the whereabouts of a spouse or colleague?
  • Tracing Enquiries – Are you keen to trace a long lost friend or relative or need to trace someone who owes you money?
  • Internet Dating Investigations – Are you concerned that the person you have been speaking to may not be who they say they are?

Contact us to discuss your needs if you are experiencing any of the issues listed above.
have over 25 years of expertise in all forms of surveillance in all terrains whether that be in an urban or rural setting, we can get the job done.
The use of evidence gathered during surveillance is often the most convincing and unbiased evidence available in a court of law and our team of Ex Police officers are well versed in obtaining the evidence that you need whether it be for a civil litigation matter, child or family court proceedings or a criminal matter, we can obtain the evidence you require to confirm or disprove claims. 

We do this by using a number of proportionate and effective methods and are careful to follow the law at all times to retain our professional and integrity driven approach to our work. All investigation techniques are appropriate and tailored to each individual case we take on and you can be sure that we will do our utmost to ensure a smooth and successful outcome for you. 

Some of our surveillance services include
Static Observations Mobile Surveillance Covert Surveillance GPS Tracking
These services would be of great benefit to clients who come to us seeking assistance in such matters as fraudulent benefit and insurance claimants, employees suspected of theft as well as for gathering evidence for anti-social behaviour and for getting to the truth in extra-marital affairs where a spouse is suspected of cheating or leading a double life. These investigation techniques make up a large proportion of an investigator’s working life and greatly assist getting to the truth for the satisfaction of our clients. 

We at Phoenix Investigations can also undertake Insurance-related surveillance for your corporate requirements. Private Investigators can assist your claims investigators and adjusters by taking the resource intensive work from them to allow them to get on with their other commitments. Let us take the pressure off whilst you can be assured that we will be working hard to prove whether claimants are being truthful in an unbiased way using video surveillance techniques that will leave no room for doubt. We use video and audio equipment to ensure an unbiased viewpoint of the claimant and their actions in relation to matters such as personal injury claims where the claimant is proven to be in good health and claiming money that they are not entitled to. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

25 Years Of Experience

Our company Director Richard spent 25 years working in an operational policing capacity in uniform and many specialist roles which include high risk missing person tracing and management whilst also conducting many investigations alongside these commitments.